New uploads available in ou Youtube channel related to our previous project Workshop in Taiwan. The 5G-CORAL project met with the 5G Office head, CTO Chang, to showcase the demonstrations integrated in the shopping mall, in a private session, to discuss technology forecast and evolution. This meeting was followed by a project workshop which took place in the Green World Hotel Nangang, gathering companies of the sector, and it ended with a demo showcase in the Nangang Global Mall. (Click here to read full news article).

The demonstrations performed in the Shopping Mall included:

– Live demonstrations: Multi-RAT IoT Gateway, Multi-tier resource management for 360 adaptive immersive video, Fog Assisted Robotics and Augmented Reality based navigation

– Video demonstration included: vMME integration in the High Speed Train scenario, SD-WAN and Fog assisted automotive emergency alert.

The three last videos can be seen here: