Exhibitions and Demos


# Type  Month  Venue  Description  Lead Partners
1 Demo Sept. 18 EuMW 2018 Edge Robotics 5TONIC
2 Poster Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 5G CORAL in practice. From Low to High Mobility. ITRI
3 Poster Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Fog-assisted Robotics UC3M
5 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 AR Navigation in the Shopping Mall  ITRI, NCTU
6 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 VMME in High-Speed Train ITRI
7 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Edge and Fog-assisted Robotics ITRI
8 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Enhanced Safety in Connected Cars TIM, AZCOM
9 Demo Jun. 18 5TONIC 5G Fog Assisted Robotics Demo to the PSA group UC3M

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