Exhibitions and Demos


# Type  Month  Venue  Description  Lead Partners
1 Demo Feb. 19 MWC19

5G CORAL in MWC19: Taipei Demo

2 Demo Dec. 18 ICT2018 Fog Assisted Robotics UC3M, IDCC, ADLINK
3 Demo Nov. 18 Taipei

Virtual Reality- Shopping Mall 360º

4 Demo Nov. 18 Taipei

Edge Robotics: Synchronize Delivery & Cleaning Services – Shopping Mall Robotics 

5 Demo Nov. 18 Taipei Augmented Navigation – Indoor AR Navigation Service ITRI, NCTU
6 Demo Nov. 18 5G-Office (Taiwan) Connected Cars TIM, AZCOM
7 Demo Nov 18 5G-Office (Taiwan) Leverage local virtual MME in High-Speed Train ITRI
8 Demo Nov. 18 5G-Office (Taiwan) SD-WAN TELCARIA
9 Demo Sept. 18 EuMW 2018 Edge Robotics 5TONIC
10 Poster Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 5G CORAL in practice. From Low to High Mobility. ITRI
11 Poster Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Fog-assisted Robotics UC3M
12 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 AR Navigation in the Shopping Mall  ITRI, NCTU
13 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 VMME in High-Speed Train ITRI
14 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Edge and Fog-assisted Robotics ITRI
15 Demo Jun. 18 EuCNC 2018 Enhanced Safety in Connected Cars TIM, AZCOM
16 Demo Jun. 18 5TONIC 5G Fog Assisted Robotics Demo to the PSA group UC3M

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