# Event Month Description City, Country
12 EuCNC 2019 Jun. 19 Woon Hau Chin,  Antonio de la Oliva, Klaus Moessner, Michelle Tsai, “European and Taiwanese Cooperation on 5G” Valencia (Spain)
11 EuCNC 2019 Jun. 18-21 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL collaborative booth Valencia (Spain)
10 ICDCN 2019 Jan. 19 Claudio Fiandrino, Joerg Widmer, Kirill Kogan, and Antonio de la Oliva,“pDCell: an End-to-End Transport Protocol for Mobile Edge Computing Architectures “  Bangalore (India)
9  IEEE GLOBECOM Dec. 18 Osamah Ibrahiem Abdullaziz, Li-Chun Wang, Shahzoob Bilal Chundrigar and Kuei-Li Huang: “ARNAB: Transparent Service Continuity across Orchestrated Edge Networks”. IEEE GLOBECOM 2018 Workshops:  Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Intelligent network orchestration and interaction in 5G and beyond, with acknowledgment to 5G-CORAL.
8 ACM CoNEXT Dec.18 K. Antevski, M. Groshev, L. Cominardi, C.J. Bernardos, A. Mourad, and R. Gazda: “Enhancing Edge robotics through the use of context information” EM-5G 2018: First International Workshop on Experimentation and Measurements in 5G Heraklion/Crete (Greece)
7 EuCNC 2018 Jun. 18 2nd Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environment in 5G Ljubljana (Slovenia)
6 IEEE BMSB 2018 Jun. 18 Second Workshop on Control and management of Vertical slicing including the Edge and Fog Systems (COMPASS)  Valencia (Spain)
5 IEEE BMSB Jun. 18 Damiano Rapone, Roberto Quasso, Shahzoob Bilal Chundrigar, Samer Talat, Luca Cominardi, Antonio De La Oliva, Ping-Heng Kuo, Alain Mourad, Alessandro Colazzo, Giacomo Parmeggiani, Aitor Zabala, Chenguang Lu, Chi-Yu Li. “An Integrated, Virtualized joint Edge and Fog computing system with multi-RAT convergence”  Valencia, Spain
4 USENIX HotEdge Jun. 18 Chi-Yu Li, Hsueh-Yang Liu, Po-Hao Huang, and Hsu-Tung Chien, Guan-Hua Tu, Pei-Yuan Hong and Ying-Dar Lin. “Mobile Edge Computing Platform Deployment in 4G LTE Networks: A Middlebox Approach” Boston (USA)
3 IEEE WCNC Apr. 18 The First Workshop on Control and management of Vertical slicing including the Edge and Fog Systems (COMPASS)  Barcelona (Spain)
2 IEEE WCNC Apr. 18 Ping-Heng Kuo, Alain Mourad, Chenguang Lu, Miguel Berg, Simon Duquennoy, Ying-Yu Chen, Yi-Huai Hsu, Aitor Zabala, Riccardo Ferrari, Sergio Gonzalez, Chi-Yu Li, Hsu-Tung Chien. “An Integrated Edge and Fog System for Future CommunicationNetworks” Barcelona (Spain)
1 IEEE WCNC Apr. 18 Luca Cominardi, Osamah Ibrahiem Abdullaziz, Kiril Antevski, Shahzoob Bilal Chundrigar, Robert Gdowski, Ping-Heng Kuo, Alain Mourad, Li-Hsing Yen, Aitor Zabala.“Opportunities and Challenges of Joint Edge and Fog Orchestration” Barcelona (Spain)